A Dedicated Team

Of IT Support

As an MSP (Managed Service Provider), we understand that we can’t make house calls for every client. In fact, one of the key tenets of managed services is taking advantage of automated software that monitors and manages IT infrastructure virtually.
Managed services eliminates the more traditional methods of on-site visits (although we offer on-site visits upon request at no extra charge), and also increases your efficiency by removing the need for additional headcount.

Here are two essential solutions CoronaInfo provides to your company:

Remote Monitoring & Management

This is a common MSP tool that lets us keep track of a variety of functions—like diagnostic alerts, performance reviews and patches—designed to catch problems before they happen and prevent future occurrences. With an RMM like CoronaInfo you can significantly improve your operational productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of IT automation.

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Professional Services Automation (PSA)

A PSA solution is an essential tool for the IT Department of any company, allowing you to have a total 360-degree view of your company’s day-to-day workflows and results. The PSA tools CoronaInfo utilizes enable us to organize our business around one system so all parties can connect and communicate through one unified operational platform. This means a more consistent performance from your IT and a greater response time from us should a problem arise.

In business, your office IT systems need to be stable, reliable, secure, and efficient. Our experienced staff keeps your systems running smoothly. We offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses. The following is the core area of services we provide. Please contact us to explore a more tailored approach to meet your needs.

Maintenance & Technical Support
Your IT systems need regular maintenance in order to prevent and fix any problems in its early stage. Our maintenance plans are tailored to your needs. We provide technical support to your users and monitor the health of your systems and update patches when required.

System / Server Administration
We administer web servers, FTP servers, DNS servers, DHCP servers, file server, print servers, mail servers, Windows server, Linux server, database servers, etc that support your day to day business. Whether you want to add a user account, a printer or a new system to you existing system, we can do it for you quickly.

Did you ever encounter problems in accessing a network resource or not able to browse the Internet? Do you need to access your office resources while you are on the road? We could analyze your network problems and have it fixed. We can also build virtual private network (VPN) that allows authenticated users to access office resource securely while away.

Do you have a firewall in place to protect your network, servers and systems from external attacks such as hackers? We can set up and configure firewall system and rules to protect your company systems and network.

Anti Virus / Spyware
Computer viruses and spywares can cause loss of important data and information. Anti-virus software combined with anti-spyware protects business network against viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, spam, and unwanted applications. Business networks need this kind of software to keep valuable data from being compromised.

Infrastructure Management
Why do you need an internal IT support when it is not absolutely necessary? We could be your virtual IT department and manage your information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. We will provide service on requirements analysis, planning, design, deployment and ongoing operations management and technical support that meet your needs.

Business Continuity
When system failure or disaster happens, you need to have your business operation back to normal quickly. An IT disaster recovery plan would minimize the impact to your business.

Backup and Recovery
Data backup is important to ensure that you could restore the data back to an earlier state when mistakes happen or software / hardware failure. You need to backup your data into an external hard drive, internal or external offsite device, or an offsite server.

Redundancy means that a duplicate of your system or data is running or is kept parallel. When one copy is failed, another copy is taking place. This keeps your data or system highly available with minimal disruption to your business.

HealthCare IT
We understand the unique set of challenges that a medical facility’s IT department faces. We have over 25 years of experience in the healthcare IT industry and know what it takes to bring efficiency and compliancy to your business. Please contact us for more information.